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Heuchera catalogue Franηais Nederlands
X= not available right now Updated: 4/06/17
Baby Blue Eyes  X Solberg S lavender ◑ ● € 0
Heart-shaped blue leaves, forms a flat clump, a cross between 'Cody' and 'Dorset Blue'.
Ballerina  X Savory S white ☼ ● € 0
Narrow green leaves with a wavy margin, a venusta seedling with white flowers.
Barbara  X Stone/Ruh M pale lavender ☼ ● € 0
Narrow blue-green leaves, lightly cupped and wavy.
Beauty Little Blue   X van den Top S lavender ◑ ● € 0
Narrow blue-green leaves, supposed to be a 'Blue Cadet' x clausa normalis hybrid.
Beauty Substance   van den Top EXL lavender ☼ ● € 8
Huge round dark green leaves with a yellow margin, 'Sum and Substance' sport.
Bedazzled  X Dean M lavender ◑ ● € 0
Blue-green leaves with an irregular margin, a beautiful cross between 'Little Wonder' and 'Love Pat'.
Ben Vernooij   Fransen/Vernooij M lavender   ☼ ● € 10
Hosta with very, very thick leaves, intens blue with yellow, later white border.
Bennie McRae   X Suggs L lavender F ☼ ● € 0
Elongated wavy green leaves, identical to 'Honeybells', takes full sun.
Betsy King  X AHS M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 0
Dark green leaves, known for its striking purple flowers, 'Decorata' type.
Betty   X Bendict Herb S lavender-purple ☼ ● € 0
Heart-shaped green leaves with a very wavy margin, nakaiana x ventricosa hybrid.
Big Chance   X L pale lavender ◑ ● € 0
Large rounded corrugated blue-green leaves, sieboldiana with unknown background.
Big Daddy   Aden L white   € 5
Rounded cupped and corrugated blue leaves, good sieboldiana selection.
Big John Owens XL pale lavender ◑ ● € 10
Very large heart-shaped blue-green leaves with slightly wavy margin, motherplant of 'Empress Wu'.
Birchwood Gem   X Shaw/Ruh S lavender-purple ☼ ● €0
Small heart-shaped green leaves, obvious a nakaiana type.
Birchwood Parky’s Gold  X Shaw/AHS M lavender ☼ ● € 0
Rounded golden leaves, supposed to be smaller than 'Birchwood Gold'.
Birchwood Ruffled Queen  X Shaw/AHS M pale lavender ◑ ● € 0
Bright heart-shaped gold leaves with a wavy margin, will turn light green later in the season.
Blaue Venus   Klose S pale lavender ◑ ● € 8
Intense blue leaves, a very good German 'Tardiana'.
Blauer Sprόdel   X Fritz Kφhlein S lavender ◑ ● € 0
Blue leaves, German origin.
Blauspecht   Klose M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 6
Rounded blue-green leaves, German 'Tardiana', but looks like 'Blue Cadet'.
Blonde Elf   X Aden S lavender ◑ ● € 0
Narrow chartreuse yellow leaves, fast growing.
Blue Angel   Aden XL pale lavender ☼ ● € 6
Very large blue-green leaves, a good and reliable Hosta.
Blue Belle   Smith M lavender ☼ ● € 4
Rounded blue-green leaves, identical to 'Blue Cadet', supposed to be a 'Tardiana'.
Blue Blush  X Smith M lavender ◑ ● € 0
Narrow intense blue leaves, a 'Tardiana' with a obvious 'Tardiflora' background.
Blue Boy  X Stone/AHS M lavender ☼ ● € 0
Heart-shaped blue-green leaves, nakaiana x sieboldiana hybrid.
Blue Cadet   Aden M lavender ☼ ● € 4
Rounded blue-green leaves, good growing, easy to use in every garden.
Blue Chip  X Benedict S pale lavender ◑ ● €0
Heart-shaped  blue- gray  puckered leaves, a 'Tardiana', 'Dorset Blue' hybrid.
Blue Diamond  X Smith M lavender ◑ ● € 0
Slightly wavy blue leaves, a 'Tardiana'.
Blue Edger   X Chatto M lavender ◑ ● €0
Intense wavy blue leaves, obvious that this is a 'Tardiana'.
Blue Eyes  X Herman M lavender ◑ ● € 0
Blue somewhat puckered and cupped leaves, a very vigorous grower for a good blue leafed Hosta.
Blue Haired Lady   X Johnson M pale lavender ☼ ● € 0
Grey-green leaves with a plastic-like substance, a hybrid of yingeri.
Blue Mammoth   X Aden XL lavender ◑ ● €0
Large good blue leaves, a recognizable impressive sieboldiana type.
Blue Mountains      X Warmerdam L lavender ☼ ● €0
Looks like a very big 'Halcyon': hybrid of sieboldiana 'Elegans' x 'Halcyon'.
Blue Mouse Ears   Deckert S pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Very thick small round blue leaves, a Hosta with a different appearance.
Blue Seer  X Aden L white ◑ ● € 0
Large corrugated blue leaves, impressive Hosta.
Blue Veil  X Aden M lavender ◑ ● € 0
Upright blue green leaves, easy growing.
Blue Wedgwood   Smith M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Intense wavy blue leaves, slow growing 'Tardiana'.
Blue Wu   X King XL pale lavender ☼ ● € 0
Elongated blue-grey leaves, good growing Hosta.
Blueberry Tart   X Solberg M lavender ☼ ● € 0
Intense blue somewhat folded leaves, a rapid growing hybrid of 'Blue Cadet' and 'Fall Bouquet'.
Bob Olsen   X Benedict S lavender ◑ ● € 0
Heart-shaped green leaves with a ruffled yellow margin, 'Yellow Splash' hybrid.
Bountiful  X Fisher M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 0
Small heart-shaped green leaves, good growing nakaiana hybrid.
Bouquet  X Moldovan M lavender ☼ ● €0
Rounded grey-green leaves with a slightly wavy edge.
Brash and Sassy  X Trucks M lavender ☼ ● € 0
Heart-shaped light green leaves with a light yellow margin, will make a dense clump in a short time.
Bridal Falls   X van den Top L lavender ◑ ● € 0
Dark green leaves with large yellow changing to white margin, sport of 'Niagara Falls'.
Bridal Veil   X Hird M lavender ◑ ● € 0
Grey-green leaves with a creamy-white margin that is neatly rippled, good grower.
Bright Lights X Aden/Klehm M white   ◑ ● € 0
Corrugated golden leaves with a green edge, a 'Tokudama' selection.
Brother Ronald   X Smith M white ◑ ● €0
Oval slightly puckered blue leaves, a 'Tardiana' type.
Brother Stefan Petryszyn L white ◑ ● € 10
Thick corrugated golden leaves, wide green margin, nice hybrid between 'King Tut' and 'Mildred Seaver'.
Buckshaw Blue  X Eric B. Smith/AHS M white ◑ ● €0
Cupped and puckered blue leaves, slow grower, a sieboldiana x 'Tokudama' hybrid.