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Heuchera catalogue Fran็ais Nederlands
X= not available right now Updated: 8/04/16
Garden Party  X Solberg/Zilis L pale lavender ◑ ● €0
Cupped and puckered golden leaves with a green edge, sport of 'Golden Sculpture'.
Geisha  X Vaughn M lavender ◑ ● € 0
Shiny greenish-yellow leaves with a green margin, correct name is 'Ani Machi'.
Gemstone     X Avent S lavender ◑ ● € 0
Small blue-leaved edging plant, Hosta venusta x 'Dorset Blue' hybrid.
George Smith  X G. Smith L white ◑ ● € 0
Large rounded golden leaves with a blue-green margin, sieboldiana 'Elegans' sport.
Gilt by Association  X Walek M lavender ☼ ● € 0
Bright yellow leaves with ruffled margin, red petioles and white back, pycnophylla hybrid.
Gingee   O’Harra S lavender ◑ ● € 5
Narrow golden leaves with wavy margin, looks like 'Lemon Lime' and 'Feather Boa'.
Ginko Craig  X Craig/AHS S lila paars ◑ ● € 0
Narrow green leaves with white margin, identical to 'Bunchoko'.
Glitter  X Van Eechaute L pale lavender ☼ ● €0
Shiny dark green puckered leaves, all green sport of 'Paradigm'.
Glory X  Savory L pale lavender ☼ ● €0
Bright golden leaves of good substance, 'August Moon' hybrid.
Gold Drop Anderson S lavender ☼ ● €5
Light green changing to golden leaves, mother plant of many sports.
Gold Standard  X Banyai L lavender ☼ ● € 0
Heart-shaped golden leaves with a green margin, 'Fortunei Hyacinthina' sport, easy.
Goldbrook Genie  X Bond S lavender ☼ ● € 0
Blue-green leaves, a nakaiana type, looks a lot like 'Blue Boy'.
Goldbrook Glimmer   Bond M lavender ◑ ● €0
Blue leaves with a greenish center, sport of 'Halcyon', different appearance.
Goldbrook Gratis  X Bond L lavender ◑ ● € 0
Green leaves with a yellow changing to creamy-white edge, looks like 'Mildred Seaver'.
Goldbrook Grayling  X Bond S lavender ☼ ● € 0
Narrow grey-green leaves, fast growing, 'Hadspen Blue' hybrid.
Goldbrook Grebe  X Bond M lavender ☼ ● € 0
Green leaves with ruffled margin, red petioles, pycnophylla x longipes hybrid.
Golden Delight  X Kuk L pale lavender ☼ ● € 0
Golden leaves that are heavily corrugated and cupped, good substance.
Golden Empress  X Kuk M lavender ☼ ● €0
Heart-shaped golden leaves with a slightly wavy margin, good grower, 'Wayside Blue' hybrid..
Golden Isle X  Smith S white ◑ ● € 0
Green leaves with a bright yellow changing to green center, sieboldii type.
Golden Medallion  X Eisel/AHS M white ◑ ● € 0
Cupped and rounded golden leaves of good substance, 'Tokudama' type.
Golden Oriole  X Smith/BHHS M lavender   ◑ ● € 0
Very bright yellow wavy leaves in spring that turn greenish-yellow later.
Golden Scepter  X Robert P. Savory M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 0
Round yellow leaves, only some sun for nice color and good growth, all-gold sport of 'Golden Tiara'.
Golden Spider  X Harshbarger/Ruh M lavender ☼ ● € 0
Rounded golden leaves, not much different than 'Gold Edger'.
Golden Sunburst  X Mervin Eisel/AHS L white ◑ ● €0
Large round and puckered gold leaves, all-gold sport of 'Frances Williams', develops brown spots.
Golden Tiara   Savory M lavender-purple ◑ ● €4
Rounded green leaves with a good gold margin, fast growing easy Hosta.
Goldrush   Heemskerk M pale lavender ◑ ● € 0
Rounded golden leaves with a grey-green margin, 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' sport.
Goldsmith  X Smith/BHHS M pale lavender ◑ ● € 0
Very bright golden leaves in spring, greenish later, 'Fortunei Aurea' hybrid.
Gosan Gold Mist  X Schmid S lavender-purple ◑ ● €0
Narrow golden leaves with irregular green streaks in center, different appearance.
gracillima  X Japan/species S lavender ☼ ● € 0
Narrow green leaves with a wavy margin, species from Shikoku Island Japan.
Grand Canyon  X Brincka/Petryszyn L lavender ☼ ● € 0
Large upright greenish-yellow leaves with a heavily rippled margin.
Grand Finale  X Benedict/Wilkins M lavender ☼ ● €0
Dark green shiny leaves, 'Maruba Iwa' hybrid, very late flowering.
Grand Marquee ฎ   Laviana M pale lavender ◑ ● € 8
Golden leaves with a wide blue-green edge, good substance, the same as 'Touche of Class'.
Grand Master  X Paul Aden L pale lavender ◑ ● €0
Beautiful Hosta, looks like 'Christmas Tree' , red seedpods.
Grand Slam  X Benedict/Gowen M lavender ☼ ● €0
Thick dark green leaves with a heavily ruffled margin, longipes selection from Japan.
Grand Tiara  X Pollock M lavender-purple ◑ ● € 0
Dark green leaves with an irregular wide yellow margin, sport of 'Golden Tiara'.
Great Escape ฎ  X van den Top M lavender ◑ ● €0
Intense blue leaves with a very white margin, a beautiful sport of 'Halcyon'.
Great Expectations  X Bond/Aden L white ◑ ● €0
Rounded yellow-creamy leaves with a blue edge, slow grower, beautiful when mature.
Green Fountain  X Aden M lavender ☼ ● €0
Lance-shaped arching green leaves with a wavy edge, kikutii type.
Green Lama  X Malloy M lavender ☼ ● €0
Small green leaves, pink scapes, all green sport of 'Island Charm'.
Green Power  X R. Snyder L lavender ☼ ● €0
Upright green leaves with a slightly wavy margin, the green leafed sport of 'Abba Dabba Do'.
Green Sheen  X Aden L pale lavender ☼ ● €0
Large shiny green leaves of good substance, 'Green Wedge' hybrid.
Green Velveteen  X Klehm L pale lavender ☼ ● € 0
Large green leaves, all green sport of the strange looking 'Embroidery'.
Green With Envy   Chrystal S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 5
Oval yellow leaves with a green border, a sport of 'Dawn'.
Ground Master  X Aden S lavender-purple ◑ ● €0
Narrow green leaves with a wavy yellow changing to creamy-white edge.
Grune Dame  X Ahlburg L lavender ☼ ● €0
Upright dark green leaves, rectifolia hybrid, looks a lot like 'Tall Boy'.
Guacamole Solberg L pale lavender, near white F ☼ ● € 5
Green changing to golden leaves with a green edge, large very fragrant flowers.
Guardian Angel   Thompson L lavender ☼ ● € 8
Creamy-white changing to green leaves with a blue-green margin, 'Blue Angel' sport.
Gunsmoke  X Herold L lavender ☼ ● € 0
Blue-grey leaves with a rippled margin, 'Sagae' x 'Blue Piecrust' hybrid.