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Heuchera catalogue Français Nederlands
X= not available right now Updated: 29-09-2013
Pacific Blue Edger  X Heims M lavender ☼ ● € 5
rounded blue-green leaves, a sport of 'Gold Edger', looks like 'Blue Cadet'.
Paradigm Walden West L lavender ☼ ● € 5
Golden slightly puckered golden leaves with a green margin, 'Abiqua Recluse' sport.
Paradise Beach  X Fransen S white ◑ ● € 5
Narrow yellow leaves with a wavy green margin, turns green later, 'Weihenstephan' sport.
Paradise Blue Sky  X Fransen L lavender ◑ ● € 7
Rounded blue leaves with a white back, sieboldiana 'Elegans' x pycnophylla hybrid.
Paradise Expectations ®  X Fransen L white ◑ ● € 7
Large heart-shaped powdery-blue leaves with a wide yellow margin, sport of 'Great Expectations'.
Paradise Gold Line  X Fransen M lavender-purple ◑ ● € 5
Shiny dark green leaves with a very thin gold margin, ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' sport.
Paradise Goldheart  X Fransen M pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Small heart-shaped slightly cupped golden leaves, fast growing, 'Gold Drop' type.
Paradise Island ®   Fransen M lavender ◑ ● € 8
Heart-shaped bright yellow leaves with a dark green margin, beautiful 'Fire Island' sport.
Paradise Joyce ®  X Fransen M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Blue leaves with a blue-green center changing to yellow and finally white, 'Halcyon' sport.
Paradise Passion  X Fransen M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Lance-shaped shiny green leaves with a thin creme  margin, 'Slim Polly' sport.
Paradise Puppet  X Fransen XS lavender ☼ ● € 5
Small wavy somewhat twisted green leaves, easy growing, venusta hybrid.
Paradise Red Delight  X Fransen M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Round-shaped grey-green leaves with pink petioles and scapes, a pycnophylla hybrid.
Paradise Sandstorm  X Fransen M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Heart-shaped blue-green leaves changing to yellowish-white in some sun, 'Paradise Joyce' sport.
Paradise Standard  X Fransen L pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Green changing to yellow leaves, yellow changing to white margin, 'Gold Standard' sport.
Paradise Sunset   Fransen S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 6
Heart-shaped dark green leaves with a yellow margin, nice new sport of 'Hydon Sunset'.
Parky’s Prize  X Hawes M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Rounded green leaves with a golden margin, sport of  'Birchwood Parky’s Gold'
Party Favor   Solberg/Crouch M lavender ☼ ● € 8
Dark green leaves with a very rippled margin, 'Donahue Piecrust' x 'Akebono' hybrid.
Pastures Green  X Smith M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped green leaves, sport of Pastures New, rapid grower and very floriferous.
Pastures New  X Summers/Smith/Ruh M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped blue-green leaves, a nakaiana type, rapid grower and very floriferous.
Patrician  X Skrocki/Avent M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Narrow green leaves with a yellow margin, fast growing groundcover.
Patriot   Machen L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Dark green leaves with a wide white margin, good substance, sport of 'Francee'.
Patriot’s Fire  X Summers/Walek L lavender ◑ ● € 7
Greenish-yellow leaves, white margin, 'Patriot' sport, not as much substance as 'Patriot'.
Paul’s Glory  X Ruh/Hofer L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Heart-shaped green changing to golden leaves, blue-green margin, one of the best Hostas.
Peanut  X Schwarz S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 7
Small heavily corrugated white leaves with a wide dark green margin, unusual and striking Hosta.
Pearl Lake  X Piedmont Gardens M pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Round-shaped blue-green leaves, fast growing Hosta, good flowers, all expositions.
Peedee Absinth  X Syré-Herz S lavender ☼ ● € 5
Narrow slightly wavy bright golden leaves that turn greenish-yellow later, 'Gold Drop' x 'Subcrocea'.
Peedee Elfin Bells  X Syré-Herz M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Dark green leaves, looks like a smaller version of ventricosa, ventricosa hybrid.
Peedee Laughing River  X Syré-Herz M lavender-purple ◑ ● € 7
Deeply veined green leaves with a rippled white margin.
Pelham Blue Tump  X Kitchingman M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped blue-green leaves, 'Tokudama' hybrid, looks more like a nakaiana.
Percy  X Benedict M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Upright green leaves with a yellow changing to creamy-white margin.
Permanent Wave  X Banyai M pale lavender ☼ ● € 7
Elongated green leaves with a very rippled margin, good grower.
Perry’s True Blue  X Wayside/Hofer/Ruh L white ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped puckered leaves, a sieboldiana type.
Peter Pan  X Minks M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped good blue-green leaves, nakaiana x 'Helen Field Fisher' hybrid.
Peter the Rock X  Lucille Simpers/Peter Ruh L white ☼ ● € 7
Round shiny green leaves of good substance, a sieboldiana hybrid.
Pete's Dark Satellite  X P. de Rooij L lavender ☼ ● € 5
Very dark green slightly cupped leaves, a beautiful seedling of 'Green Sleeve'.
Pewterware  X Dean M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Blue leaves with lightly ruffled edges, thick wax coating,'Urajiro Hachijo' x 'Blue Moon' hybrid.
Phantom  X Solberg/Wilkins L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Green leaves with a wavy margin, good substance, 'Riptide' hybrid, late flowering.
Phoenix  X Fischer L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Upright grey-green leaves,  nigrescens hybrid?
Piecrust Power  X Aden L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Large green leaves, deeply impressed veins with a piecrust edge.
Piedmont Gold  X Payne L pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Large heart-shaped golden leaves, montana type, one of the best golden Hostas.
Pilgrim  X Rasmussen/Malloy M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Heart-shaped green leaves with a yellow changing to white margin, good grower.
Pineapple Juice  X M. Zilis/R. Solberg M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Elongated yellow-green leaves, the all-yellow colored sport of 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake'.
Pineapple Poll  X Smith/BHHS M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Elongated grey-green leaves with a rippled margin, sieboldiana '  x 'Lancifolia' hybrid.
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake X  Zilis M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Grey-green leaves with a green changing to gold center, beautiful sport of 'Pineapple Poll'.
Pinky  X Pauline Banyai M lavender ☼ ● € 5
A larger version of 'Candy Hearts'.
Pistachio Cream  X Zilis M pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Rounded green leaves, all green sport of 'Wylde Green Cream'.
Pixie Vamp  X Ward S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 7
Heart-shaped dark green leaves with a wide creamy-white margin, a 'Pinstripe' seedling.
Pizzazz  X Aden L pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Blue-green slightly puckered and cupped leaves with a creamy-yellow margin.
plantaginea  X China M white F ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped shiny green leaves, also known as 'Grandiflora', needs warmth to flower.
plantaginea ‘Aphrodite’  X China M white F ☼ ● € 7
Shiny green leaves, large double flowers, needs a lot of warmth to flower at all.
Plug Nickel  X Solberg XS lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Small shiny green leaves, the green sport of 'Cracker Crumbs', nice good growing plant.
Pooh Bear  X Falstad S pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Rounded golden leaves with a green margin, one of the many sports of 'Gold Drop'.
Popcorn  X Lachman M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Thick cupped and puckered white leaves with a wide green margin.
Popo  X O’Harra/Riehl XS lavender ☼ ● € 5
Tiny heart-shaped grey-green leaves, slightly wavy margin, one of the best small Hostas.
Potomac Pride  X Avent L lavender ☼ ● € 5
Shiny dark green leaves of good substance, 'Blue Umbrellas' x 'Treasure Island'  hybrid.
Powder Blue  X Sugita/Ruh M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Heart-shaped to rounded puckered thick blue leaves, seedling of Japanese origin.
Prairie Magic X Q and Z L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Dark green leaves with a wide yellow edge, sport of 'Erie Magic'.
Prairie Sky ®  X Hansen/Shady Oaks Nursery M pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Soft powdery-blue, gently cupped leaves, a nice seedling of 'Blue Jay' with a distinctive color.
Praying Hands   G. Williams M lavender ◑ ● € 8
Narrow upright folded green leaves with a creamy margin, a very special and unique Hosta.
Pretty Flamingo  X Milton M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped green leaves with nice pink flowerscapes, good grower.
Prima Donna  X Wilkins L pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Slightly shiny dark green leaves with a yellow changing to creamy-white margin.
Puckered Giant  X Powell L white ◑ ● € 7
Blue-green puckered leaves, sieboldiana 'Elegans' hybrid that is larger and greener.
Punky  X Kuk M lavender ◑ ● € 10
Heart-shaped yellowish-green leaves with a blue margin, a 'Blue Wedgwood' sport.
Purple Boots  X van Eechaute M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Smokey grey-green leaves, beautiful purple petioles and scapes, 'Gig Harbor' x 'Riptide', very fertile.
Purple Bouquet  X Banyai M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Heart-shaped green leaves, interesting because of many beautiful flowers.
Purple Glory  X Dutch Hosta Society M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Dark green leaves with a wavy edge, purple-red scapes, correct name for atropurpurea.
Purple Haze  X Janssen M lavender ☼ ● € 10
Heart-shaped, slightly puckered blue-green leaves held on purple petioles, the purple continues into the leaf.
Purple Passion X  Benedict S lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Small wavy green leaves, nice combination of flowers and purple scapes.