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Heuchera catalogue Fran็ais Nederlands
X= not available right now Updated: 29-09-2013
Queen Josephine  X Kuk  M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Shiny dark green leaves with a yellow changing to creamy-white margin, good substance.
Queen of the Seas   Seaver L pale lavender ☼ ● € 8
Heart-shaped large thick blue-green leaves with a rippled and serrated margin, impressive plant.
Quill  X Herold M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Narrow green leaves with a very ruffled margin, different appearance.
Quilted Hearts  X Soules L white ◑ ● € 7
Large heart-shaped blue-green puckered leaves, sieboldiana hybrid.
Quilted Skies  X Soules L white ◑ ● € 7
Round-shaped blue puckered leaves, a sieboldiana x 'Frances Williams' hybrid.
Quilting Bee  X O’Harra S lavender ☼ ● € 7
Small oval green corrugated leaves, a different small Hosta, good grower.
Radiant Edger  X Zilis M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Thick dark green leaves with a yellow margin, good sport of 'Gold Edger'.
Radio Waves  X Johnson S pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Green leaves with in spring a lighter green center, fast growing, 'Shining Tot' hybrid.
Rain Forest  X Goodwin L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Thick shiny dark green wavy leaves, a rupifraga hybrid, late flowering.
Rainbow's End ฎ Hansen/Shady Oaks Nursery M lavender ◑ ● € 8
Very thick, rubbery-like dark green leaves,  orange-yellow center, red flower scapes, sport of 'Obsession'.
Rainforest Sunrise  X Anderson M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Cupped rounded bright gold leaves with a green border, sport of 'Maui Buttercups'.
Raleigh Remembrance  X Avent M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Shiny bright golden leaves, 'Sum and Substance' x plantaginea hybrid, needs a warm spot.
Rascal  X Solberg L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Upright greenish-yellow leaves with a green edge, some sun for good colour, 'Gold Regal' sport.
Raspberry Sorbet  X Lohman/Zilis M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 7
Shiny wavy dark green leaves, purple-red petioles, late flowering.
rectifolia 'Ogon Tachi'  X Japan L lavender-purple ◑ ● € 7
Narrow upright golden leaves that changes to green later, very tall petioles.
Red Cadet X  van Eechaute M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Grey-green leaves with purple-red petioles and flowerscapes, 'Riptide' x 'Blue Cadet', fast grower.
Red Dragon  X Livingston M lavender ☼ ● € 10
Upright arching grey-green leaves with a wavy margin, intense red petioles.
Red Hot Flash  X Machen S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 7
Narrow yellow leaves with a green margin, the vigorous growing tetraploid sport of 'Peedee Gold Flash'.
Red Neck Heaven  X Avent M pale lavender ☼ ● € 7
Green leaves with a thick white wax on the back, reddish-violet leaf petioles, kikutii 'Caput-avis' seedling.
Red Salamander  X Seaver M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Shiny green leaves with a wavy margin, red leaf petioles and flower scapes. 
Red Tubes  X Japan XS lavender-purple ☼ ● € 7
Small shiny green leaves, is named for the red tubes on the flower.
Regal Rhubarb  X Sellers L lavender-purple ☼ ● € 7
Upright green leaves with red petioles and wavy margin, one of the first hybrids with red petioles.
Regal Ruffles  X Minks L lavender ◑ ● € 7
Large grey-green leaves with a wavy margin, 'Ruffles' x sieboldiana 'Elegans' hybrid.
Regal Splendor  X Walters Gardens L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Upright grey-green leaves with a creamy-yellow margin, good sport of 'Krossa Regal'.
Regalia  X Anderson L lavender ◑ ● € 7
Upright grey-green leaves with a yellow changing to green center, sport of 'Krossa Regal'.
Reginald Kaye  X Kaye/Klose M pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Good blue leaves, has all the characteristics of a large 'Tardiana'.
Remember Me ฎ  X Eijk Bos/ Erven/ Walters M pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Yellowish-white centered leaves with a blue-green margin, slow grower, beautiful sport of 'June'.
Reptillian  X Sawyer M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Puckered blue-green leaves with a ruffled margin, red petioles, unusual Hosta.
Revolution ฎ   Eijk-Bos/van Erven M lavender ◑ ● € 6
Leaves have a white center with green spots framed with a dark green margin, 'Loyalist' sport.
Rhapsody in Blue  X Benedict/Wilkins M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Thick blue-green leaves, a rupifraga hybrid, beautiful Hosta, late bloomer.
Rhein  X Klose M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Intense dark blue leaves, a German 'Tardiana', different appearance.
Rhinestone Cowboy  X Elslager L pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Chartreuse-centered leaves with a slightly wavy white margin, 'Sea Prize' x 'Maekawa' hybrid.
Rhino  X Goodwin M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Glossy dark green leaves with a yellow changing to creamy border, tremendous substance.
Rhythm and Blues  X Johnson M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Elongated wavy blue-grey leaves, beautiful..
Rich Uncle  X Malloy L pale lavender ☼ ● € 7
Very thick yellowish-green leaves that turn yellow later, the all gold sport of 'Electrum Stater'.
Richland Gold X  Wade L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Heart-shaped yellow leaves, sport of 'Gold Standard'.
Richmond X  Seaver L pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Pale green later yellow leaves with a white margin, some sun for good color.
Rim Rock  X Savory S lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Small green leaves, has got venusta and nakaiana characteristics, nice flowers.
Rippled Honey  X Benedict M lavender-purple F ☼ ● € 5
Shiny dark green leaves, ventricosa x plantaginea hybrid.
Rippling Waves  X Nesmith L white ◑ ● € 5
Heart-shaped blue green wavy leave, 'Tokudama' x sieboldiana hybride.
Rising Sun  X Vaughn L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Shiny yellow leaves, takes a lot of sun, has got a plantaginea background.
Robert Frost X  Lachman L pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Rounded grey-green leaves with a wide creamy-white margin, good looking recognizable Hosta.
Rock Happy  X Ruh M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Glossy light green leaves, a longipes hybrid, is a late bloomer like its parent.
Rock Island Line  X Rasmussen/Malloy S white ◑ ● € 7
Small green leaves with a white margin, a 'Flamboyant' x venusta hybrid.
Roller Coaster Ride  X Zilis/Solberg M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Narrow pointed green leaves with a rippled thin white margin, stable sport of the streaked 'Ray of Hope'.
Rosedale Barnie  X Hadrava M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Dark green leaves with a slightly rippled margin, ventricosa x 'Invincible' hybrid.
Rosedale Golden Goose  X Hadrava L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Thick golden puckered leaves, Hadrava reports that this has outstanding sun-tolerance.
Rosedale Misty Pathways X Hadrava L pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Heart-shaped dark green leaves with a orange gold to yellow margin.
Rosedale Richie Vallens  X Hadrava EXL lavender ◑ ● € 7
Medium to dark green leaves with a slightly rippled margin, good substance, makes huge leaves.
Rosemoor  X Palmer S lavender ◑ ● € 5
Small round green leaves, slightly wavy margin, seems to be different forms around of this Hosta.
Rosy  X Klose M pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Intense blue leaves, a recent German 'Tardiana' introduction.
Rotunda X  Savory L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Dark green round and cupped leaves, slightly puckered, a 'Pearl Lake' hybrid.
Rough Waters  X Armstrong L white ◑ ● € 5
Large 'Tokudama' hybride with blue leave, looks more like a sieboldiana.
Roxsanne  X Heemskerk L pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Light green changing to yellow leaves with a wavy margin.
Royal Charm  X Zilis M pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Heart-shaped yellowish-green leaves, a sport of 'Royal Tiara' that looks a lot like our 'Paradise Goldheart'.
Royal Flush  X Savory L lavender ◑ ● € 7
Green leaves with a very wide yellow margin, probably a 'Fortunei' sport.
Royal Golden Jubilee  X Ford M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Leaves have a yellow changing to white centre with a green margin, 'Gold Standard' sport.
Royal Standard  X Grulleman/Wayside/AHS. L white F ☼ ● € 5
Shiny green leaves, perfect for all places, good fragrant flowers.
Royal Super  X Walters Gardens M white F ◑ ● € 7
Green leaves with a white margin, 'Royal Standard' sport, collectors Hosta, double flowers.
Royal Tapestry  X Schwarz M pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Elongated heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a yellow margin, a very nice seedling of 'Sea Prize'.
Royalty  X Anderson S pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Narrow pointed greenish-yellow leaves, wavy margin, good grower.
Ruffed Up  X Carlson L lavender ☼ ● € 10
Chartreuse green leaves with a ruffled edge, leaves will turn mottled gold and green in the sun.
rupifraga  X Japan M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Thick green leaves, different forms around this is the European one, late flowering.
Russell Lee X  O'Harra/O'Harra Society L white ◑ ● € 10
Large blue-green leaves with a greenish-yellow margin, good substance.
Ryan’s Big One  X Englerth L white ◑ ● € 5
Heart-shaped blue-green puckered leaves, a sieboldiana selection.