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Heuchera catalogue Fran็ais Nederlands
X= not available right now Updated: 29-09-2013
T.Rex  X Ward EXL pale lavender ☼ ● € 7
Gigantic green leaves, montana macrophylla x 'Big John' hybrid, needs a lot of room.
takahashii ‘Gosan’  X Japan/Schmid M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Shiny rounded green leaves, fast grower, selection of the species made by W.G. Schmid.
Tall Boy X  Montreal Botanical Garden L lavender ☼ ● € 5
Upright green leaves with deeply impressed veins, very tall flowerscapes, rectifolia hybrid.
Tall Twister  X Minks S lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
sieboldii hybride, upright lancet shaped green leave with wavy margin.
Tambourine  X Lachman M pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Grey-green leaves with a creamy-white margin, red petioles, good substance.
Tango  X Heemskerk M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Blue-green leaves with a yellow changing to creamy margin, very nice sport of 'Pastures New'.
Tappan Zee  X Malloy L pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Very thick green leaves with an irregular white margin, 'Electrum Stater' sport with green center.
Tardiflora  X Japan M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Glossy and pointed dark green leaves with a good substance, very late flowers in October.
tardiva  X Japan M lavender ☼ ● € 5
Narrow shiny green leaves, questionable if this is a true species or not, does not set seed.
Tattoo ฎ  X Avent S pale lavender ◑ ● € 5
Rounded yellow leaves, tattooed green line in the center, very unusual sport of 'Little Aurora'.
Tea and Crumpets  X Lachman M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Dark green cupped and somewhat corrugated leaves with a creamy margin.
Teaspoon X  Nyikos S lavender ◑ ● € 5
Small rounded and cupped green leaves, 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' x 'Golden Tiara' hybrid.
Teatime  X Zilis M lavender ☼ ● € 10
Small rounded and cupped green leaves, 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' x 'Golden Tiara' hybrid.
Teeny Weeny Bikini  X Elslager XS lavender-purple ◑ ● € 7
Very small green leaves with an irregular white centre, looks like 'Cat's Eye', but is slightly different.
Templar Gold  X E and J Deckert M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Heart-shaped bright golden leaves with deeply impressed veins.
Temple Bells  X Banyai S lavender-purple ☼ ● € 5
Narrow dark green leaves, sieboldii type, impressive bell-shaped flowers in August.
Temptation  X Cornitensis L white ◑ ● € 7
Large rounded puckered blue-green leaves, creamy-white centre, beautiful sport of sieb. 'Elegans'.
Tenryu  X Japan/Yoshie L lavender ◑ ● € 7
Upright powdery blue-green leaves, very tall flowerscapes, excellent plant.
Tequilla Sunrise  X Johnson M lavender-purple ☼ ● € 7
Nutant yellow leave with a beautiful way margin, light green later, red petioles.
The Razor's Edge  X Terpening M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Long green leaves with a ruffled margin, intensely red petioles, 'Hacksaw' x 'Atom Smasher' hybrid.
Theo's Blue  X Leydens/Zonneveld M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Beautiful powdery blue leaves with purple-red petioles and a white back of the leaf, pycnophylla hybrid.
Thumbelina  X Ward S lavender ◑ ● € 7
Small green leaves with a creamy-white margin, good growing small Hosta.
Thunderbolt ฎ  X Hawksridge Farms L white ◑ ● € 5
Thick and rounded blue leaves with a narrow yellow center, sieboldiana 'Elegans' sport.
Tick Tock  X Kipplen S lavender ◑ ● € 7
Greenish-yellow leaves with a dark green margin, good substance, sport of 'Gold Drop'.
Tijuana Brass  X Vaughn L lavender ☼ ● € 7
Light green changing to yellow leaves, unusual because of its twisted, folded and puckered leaves.
Time Tunnel ฎ  X Laviana/Malloy L white ◑ ● € 7
Large rounded blue leaves with a very wide yellow margin, sport of the classic 'Frances Williams'.
Titanic ฎ  X Hansen/Shady Oaks EXL pale lavender ☼ ● € 7
Very large dark green leaves with a wide golden border, 'Sum and Substance' sport.
Tokudama  X Japan M white ◑ ● € 5
Rounded puckered and cupped blue leaves, slow grower.
Tokudama Aureonebulosa X  Maekawa M white ◑ ● € 7
Rounded puckered and cupped yellow leaves with a blue-green margin, slow grower.
Tom Schmid  X Schmid L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Upright blue- grey leaves with a nice white margin, 'Krossa Regal' sport.
Tom Thumb  X Fransen XS lavender ☼ ● € 5
Small, slightly wavy green leaves, a Japanese venusta hybride.
Tomoko  X Klose M pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Intense blue leaves, German 'Tardiana', one of the largest of the 'Tardiana'.
Topaz  X Johnson M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Heart-shaped blue leaves, 'Neat Splash' x 'Dorset Blue' hybrid, fast grower.
Torchlight  X Lachman M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Shiny dark green leaves with a yellow margin, good red petioles.
Tortifrons  X Japan S lavender ◑ ● € 7
Very narrow twisted dark green leaves, a form of 'Tardiflora', collector's Hosta.
Tortilla Chip  X Solberg L pale lavender F ☼ ● € 10
Glossy yellow leaves, looks like 'Fried Bananas', but smaller and better colour, 'Stained Glass' sport.
Tot Tot  X Paul Ade S lavender ◑ ● € 5
Small blue green leave, 'Blue Cadet' x venusta seedling.
Touch of Class ฎ  X Hansen/Shady Oaks M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Thick blue leaves with a narrow golden center, very attractive tetraploid sport of 'June'.
Touch of Frost  X Fransen M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Rubbery-like blue leaves, sport of 'Touch of Class'.
Toy Soldier  X Solberg M lavender ◑ ● € 5
Rounded blue-green leaves with a greenish-yellow margin, sport of 'Blue Cadet', fast grower.
Trail’s End  X Ruh L white ◑ ● € 7
Large heart-shaped grey-blue leaves, one of the many sieboldiana types.
Tranquility  X Wilkins M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Heart-shaped green leaves with a yellow edge, good substance, sport of an 'Aspen Gold' seedling.
Tremors  X Terpening M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Elongated pointed green leaves that are wavy and folded, unique.
True Blue  X Aden L white ◑ ● € 5
Heart-shaped blue puckered leaves, different than most other sieboldiana types.
Tsugaru Komachi  X Japan  S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 5
Narrow green leaves with an irregular yellow edge.
tsushimensis  X Korea M lavender ☼ ● € 7
Wavy green leaves, purple-red dots on petioles, thin substance, different appearance.
tsushimensis ‘Ogon’  X Korea M lavender ◑ ● € 7
Wavy yellow leaves, purple-red dots on petioles, probably the correct name is 'Ogon Tsushima'.
Twiggie  X Fischer M pale lavender ☼ ● € 5
Grey-green heart-shaped leaves, sometimes branched scapes.
Twilight  X Eijck-Bos/v. Buren/v. Erven L lavender ◑ ● € 5
Thick dark green leaves with a wide golden border, fine sport of 'Fortunei Aureomarginata'.
Twilight Time  X Johnson M pale lavender ◑ ● € 7
Pointed blue-green leaves with a wavy margin, 'Spritzer' is one of its parents.
Twinkle Toes  X Minks S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 5
Narrow yellow changing to green leaves, 'Subcrocea' hybrid.
Twist of Lime  X Banyai/Solberg S lavender-purple ◑ ● € 5
Narrow yellow leaves with a green margin, nice sport of 'Lemon Lime', very floriferous.